Our Experience!

Our Experience

Our owners experience in the commercial janitorial market extends back two generations. He has over 30 years of experience just in himself. We have learned and been trained by individuals that almost pioneered commercial janitorial cleaning back in the late 1960’s. This was the time when a person’s word was a contract in itself. Customer service had an entirely different meaning than what it means today. In our minds, customer service is an art and something that you live by, not something you decide to try and do. This is what we expect out of our company and this is why we are successful today.

This day and age, there are many janitorial companies out there. Most of these companies are people that have just started commercial cleaning. They do not have the lifetime of experience that they need for this business. They promise the world, but then don’t have the experience to support it. TEAM Custodial Services has a network of knowledge and experience that taps into areas such as the leading commercial janitorial supply companies, as well as other janitorial companies that are in Arizona and California. This helps us understand the changes that are taking place in our industry. It also gives us support for problem solving. New buildings are being built with new technologies and products that may need to be cleaned and serviced with new techniques and practices. We have the support teams for these situations.

Let our years of experience go to work for you. Let a company that cares about your janitorial needs, go to work for you.

Feel free to call our office and if you desire, speak to our owner directly. We guarantee that we are here to listen to your needs and answer any questions you may have. All of your information will remain confidential and we will not try to contact you back if you wish so.

We hope that it gave you some idea of the pride in which we run our company and give you a glimpse of what we can possibly do for you and your facility.