Our Assessment Program

TEAM Custodial Assessment Program (TCAP)

The TEAM Custodial Assessment Program (TCAP), was created to meet the changing needs of commercial facilities in the economic times that our country is facing.

The Team Custodial Assessment Program is based on Team Cleaning, cleaning frequencies and scheduled cleaning. It is designed to help you save money, keep your current cleaning schedule and reduce costs from electricity, fuel and labor.

Team Cleaning is formed around the principle of cleaning efficiently. If you clean efficiently, it will save labor and resources. A better product is achieved because there is less chance of fatigue and therefore less chance of tasks missed or not done properly. The building is cleaned faster, because the workload is spread between more than one person. Electricity and other utilities are saved because the building is turned off and closed up earlier.

In the Assessment Program, we evaluate your facility to see where the high traffic areas are. These are areas that need to be cleaned more frequently. Other areas that do not see as much traffic or are not in your customer’s direct field of view can be cleaned less frequently.

There is also the area of Participation. If a client is willing to have their employees participate in some of the basic cleaning tasks, time and money can be saved. An example of this is if each individual office were to set their trashcans out in the hallway when it needs to be emptied, and then our cleaning crew can simply walk down a hallway and dump the trash. Then one night per week, the offices can be detailed vacuumed and cleaned. Another example is if each individual were to wipe their own desks and be responsible for their own dusting, then our company can focus on the high visibility areas of your facility and thus save time and money. Cleaning agents can be easily provided to each office to aid in this cleaning. A final example would be if there are high priority restrooms, such as common area restrooms or high traffic restrooms. These restrooms may need to be cleaned nightly, where as a less traffic restroom may only need to be cleaned two or three times per week.

Hopefully this helps explain our Team Custodial Assessment Program. We understand that many businesses have to find places to cut back and save money. For a business to have to go from five days per week service to three days or possibly two days is not the answer in our minds. With our program, you may be able to stay on a five day per week service on the high traffic areas and less on the light traffic areas. With the help of your employees, you may be able to save more time and money with their participation in trash can placement and wiping their own desks and personal areas. We have found these areas to be of little effort on your employees and help them be more aware of how your facility is kept clean.

Additional discounts can be given to you if we are able to handle all your cleaning needs, such as windows, carpets, power washing, etc.